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Stage Makeup Workshop Discount!
 Available thru 8/1/2011

Want to learn the secrets behind beautiful belly dance makeup?

Whether you are a professional dancer who wants to brush up on technique, a student who wants to learn the appropriate makeup strategy for stage performance, or if you are simply someone who wants to learn a fun way to change your look, this is the workshop for you!

Each workshop is tailored to your desires, and can be held in the comfort of your own living room! Topics include..."Day vs. Night vs. Stage"; "Eyelashes!"; and "Tricks to Youth."

So gather your girlfriends for an afternoon of fun and glamour, or add the workshop on to the beginning or end of a belly dance performance with Kalila!

Workshop Only:

$35.00 per person

Workshop Plus Show:

$15.00 per person

***Note: All cosmetics, brushes, and mirrors must be provided by the client. A "Belly Dance Basics of Makeup" gift bag can be added to your order for a fee of $10/person. Please contact Kalila for details!


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